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Food processing is a national problem

Are you a smallholder farmer looking to turn your crops into the next great national brand? We would like to work with you! We are:

  • Working with development partners such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Trade and Industry.
  • Interested in investigating new product development opportunities.
  • Open to working with farmers throughout Malawi's Northern Region.

At Sir Hackson Processors, we want to lead the charge against hunger. We believe that enhanced food production capability will not only help solve the malnourishment crisis in our country, but can also provide a stable source of income for the millions of farmers in Malawi.

Percentage of Malawi's population that is undernourished

Percentage of Malawi's children that have stunted growth

Percentage of child death cases in Malawi due to undernourishment


Percentage of Malawi's population who are farmers



Work with farmers to build a sustainable business process for all of their food production


Ensure all food that is processed by us is of the highest quality


Provide packaging and marketing to drive food production from farm to table


Create a trusted network of farmers and build lasting relationships throughout the agricultural sector

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